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total: 239 days | 21907 km | 19 countries | 5 continents


M o n g g o l     U l u s     Z u g a a l a         2 0 1 8

The newest cycling epic escapade through Mongolia
- Dennis Arndt & Jeremy Boissel

Monggol Tour homepage [English]

N e v e r     N e v e r     O Z s o m e     T o u r     2 0 1 3

The tour through the land down under and its outback from
Melbourne to Darwin - Jeremy Boissel & Florian Weber

N²OZ Tour homepage [English]

G r o u n d e d     T o u r     2 0 1 2

The tour on foot from Freiburg to Chamonix through
Switzerland - Jeremy Boissel, Florian Weber & Quivo

Grounded Tour homepage [English-deutsch-français]

Grounded Tour pictures [English]

L o s     P i r i n e o s     2 0 1 1

The bike tour from the Atlantic to the Mediteranean coast through
the Pyrenean mountains - Jeremy Boissel & Florian Weber

Los Pirineos homepage [English-deutsch-français]

Los Pirineos pictures

G r e a t     D i v i d e     T o u r     2 0 1 0

The bike tour from Canada to Mexico through the
Rocky mountains - Jeremy Boissel & Florian Weber

Great Divide homepage [English-deutsch-français]

Deleted but saved Fahrrad-XXL blog [deutsch]

Great Divide pictures [English]

Pre-tour article "Lokale Zeitung Mainz" [deutsch]

Pre-tour article "Allgemeine Zeitung" [deutsch]

E u r a s i a     T o u r     2 0 0 9

The bike tour from Germany to Israel through 11 different
countries - Martin Boitz, Jeremy Boissel & Florian Weber

Eurasia homepage [deutsch]

Deleted but saved Fahrrad-XXL blog [deutsch]

Eurasia pictures [deutsch]

Pre-tour article "Allgemeine Zeitung" [deutsch]

Pre-tour article "Rhein Zeitung" [deutsch]

Post-tour article "Allgemeine Zeitung" [deutsch]

T o u r     d ' A f r i q u e     2 0 0 7

The bike tour from Mainz, Germany to Tanger, Morocco through
France and Spain - Martin Boitz, Jeremy Boissel & Florian Weber

Tour d'Afrique homepage [deutsch]


N e v e r     N e v e r     O z s o m e     T o u r     2 0 1 3

G r o u n d e d     T o u r     2 0 1 2

L o s     P i r i n e o s     2 0 1 1

G r e a t     D i v i d e     T o u r     2 0 1 0

E u r a s i a     T o u r     2 0 0 9


About Me

Jeremy BoisselThis is me, Jeremy Boissel, born on August 18, 1978 in Paris [France] and raised in Boston [USA]. I currently live in Mainz [Germany] and have three sisters. I enjoy working as an independant bicycle consultant and offer technical services. Currently, I'm part of City-Bike in Wiesbaden and have my own company Shocka Cycling Services. I was taught in the field of electrical technology and took courses on technological mathematics, programming and environmental sciences.

I have many passions including bike-riding, traveling, nature, different cultures, art and music. I speak English, French and German fluently and get by with Spanish. My role models are Martin Luther King Jr. and Muhammad Yunus. My favorite author is Charles Dickens. My favorite photographers are Ansel Adams and Sterling Lorence. My favorite musician is Eddie Vedder.

The saying that best describes my tours and life is "the journey is the goal".

uKfU ?

I often get this question, "What the hell does ukfu mean?" Well, to give you folks an answer it stands for

          United Kingdom Fighting Union

or actual, it means

          Utah Knowledge on Finding Uranium

or maybe even

          Unappreciated Kitchen-Founded Uppers

uKfU is basicallt art. It means what you make it out to mean. But if you really want the scoop on what's behind the four-letter mystery, I'll let you in on the secret. Back in high school, my best friend - Jeff Tripp - and I loved to annoy the crap out of our teachers. Writing "Fuck You" on the board would have cost us some detention and was waaaay too obvious. So, we worked it down to "FUKU", which was still too easy [teachers DO go to college and all]. We switched around a few letters [we placed the first letter third, in case you're trying too hard to do the math] and voila! Then we'd write our favorite word on the blackboard and drive the teachers and other students nuts. They, too, ended up always asking, "What the hell does this mean?" looking around the class to find no answers. I even think a few had to go to therapy years later to work off the suffering. I also think they're now all dependant on unappreciated kitchen-founded uppers. Jeff and I worked out variations of our lifestyle symbol; a chinese version, a face version ... for us, it was everyday torcherous fun. So, now that you know, be honest, did you really want to know? UKFU!


any comments, rants, whatever, write to: info(at)